Education and Economy

Education and Economy
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Such notions as education and economy are linked in the modern world. There are many countries in the world that place an emphasis on developing educational system in order to gain more specialists who will work for such promising industries as technology and science. What is more, there is a movement to improve the basic education to provide people with a right to an education. Finland Educational system becomes a great example of both two statements mentioned above.

It is believed, that increasing number of educated workers influence on the productiveness of a country, making it more successful. The thing is that educated workers are able to carry out tasks more efficiently. What is more, the countries with the greatest number of educated workers often see rapid economic growth. That is why more and more countries of the world nowadays provide funding for primary and secondary education.

More and more countries today are oriented to a knowledge-based economy. It means that employers in such countries treat education as an asset to create products and services to be sold in the future.

It is worth to mention that education also provides an opportunity cost for the worker. The thing is that employers are ready to pay higher wages to people with a higher level of education.