You are no longer afraid of the cyber threat: courses from real professionals

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The word “virus” has become one of the most used in 2020. But viruses threaten not only living beings: technology is also under attack! The number of cyber threats – malicious programs for computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices with Internet access – is growing every year. They undermine the performance of devices and steal users’ personal data.

These viruses interfere with work, destroy the data of organizations, disrupt their economies. To prevent this from happening, you need to use reliable means of protection, and it is best to do Wazuh Training.

Special training

You can train separately or take a course for employees throughout the organization. Specialized consultant will provide training materials and ppt. You can contact a consultant for Wazuh corporate training and he can even customize the training content as per your requirement.

You will study open source and enterprise-ready security analysis solution for threat diagnosis, integrity analysis, incident response and agreement. The Wazuh agent provides active response capabilities that can be used to block a network attack stop a malicious process or quarantine a malware infected file.

What will you do next?

Information security specialists reliably protect systems from leakage of confidential information and block unauthorized access to data by fraudsters. The demand for this skill has grown significantly due to digitalization, as well as the massive transition to remote work due to the pandemic. Therefore, companies are looking for employees who provide reliable protection of IT infrastructure from cyber threats.

Cybersecurity professionals look for and analyze new threats and then develop ways to deal with them. It is important to teach employees how to properly use security software. For protective equipment to perform effectively, it must always be on and constantly updated.